Monday, 2 January 2012

Seed Bread

 Glebe Farm produce small packs of specialist bread flour.  They come complete with yeast sachet and all you need to do is add warm water and a little oil.  Rosie spotted a few packs when we were out shopping on new years eve.  I have not tried them before so I thought I would give them a go.  The seeded bread is one of Rosie's favourites, so that seemed to be the ideal first candidate.  You just follow the instructions on the pack.
The result was a soft but firm loaf which sliced well and had a good crumb.  It made ideal breakfast toast and was reasonably good value for money as I doubt that I could have made a single loaf of this kind for the price from basic and separate ingredients.  These packs seem ideal for anyone who wants to have a go at bread making without the need to buy lots of stuff.


Louise said...

I was just hopping from blog to blog and came across this - may I ask where you got this bread mix from?

Dave suffers wheat intolerance and can't eat bread, but we know that Glebe Farm do a very nice gluten free seeded load mix and we can't find it anywhere, except on the internet where the postage is so high we'd be paying about £6 for a loaf! I'd like to have a look to see if I can find it where Rosie saw this one!

Thanks and Happy New Year!


Rosie said...

I saw it at Bridgemere Garden World in the food section, Louise - they do have some Gluten Free items there as well not sure if they are Glebe Farm - it may be worth ringing them beforehand to see what they have in stock to save you a wasted journey, hope this helps:)

Paul Pursglove said...
Look on the Glebe Farm home page on the top menu under stockists to find their regular outlets.

Paul Pursglove said...

check out

Helen said...

Yum, looks good, i'll have to look out for it, and go on-line to find out if there sre any stockists near me. In the last few days I have begun to make bread again. I made it about twice a week, for a couple of years or so, and then about 3 months ago I just stopped. Now that i've made a couple of batches I realise what we have been missing.