Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Controlling the damp

For many years, the window and wall at the back of the garage have been leaking. It has not been much of a problem as it only leaked when the rain was falling with the wind blowing against the prevailing wind direction. Now is a good time to sort the problem.
Last year, when we had a new conservatory, the old bricks from the demolition were cleaned and stacked with the intention of converting  this single brick wall into a cavity wall.  It was just a case of lots of sand and cement and the time to do the job.  I had already installed a cat flap with a boxed cover to take the bricks.  I was surprised when I was able to remove the outside fixed glass from the old window with a screwdriver in about 20 seconds.  Thankfully, this was the last wooden frame in the house as all of the other windows have been repalaced with internally glazed uPVC units.
Using an old tarpaulin and some bits from the garden gazebo frame, I constructed a weather shelter.  This was a good move as I was able to remove the window and brick up without issue with the weather.  I have wadded the cavity with insulaton as it was being built, so the improved wall will be thermally efficient.
Interestingly, it is impossible to get hold of the old style butterfly brick ties.  The modern screw in stainless steel ties and the flexible tie rods that are available are more costly, but infinitely more flexible in use. It must be more than 30 years since I have done any serious brick laying, but it's like riding a bike - a few initial wobbles and your back in the flow.  Having bricked up the window and panelling to the roof line, I now need to fit a lamp, so its reviewing my electrical skills next.

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