Friday, 28 November 2014

Pebble Dash

Hello, my name is Tufty, I am an American Grey Squirrel and I am stoned!
My favourite passtime is to collect pebbles from this wonderfully fine path.  They are nice and round and about the size of a nut.  The fact that I am the only squirrel that has discovered this pebble path is a bonus.
The pebbles are a precious thing and they need to be hidden from other squirrels.  I bury them in the lawn to keep them safe.  Sometimes I dash to next door's lawn and bury them there.  The other squirrels will never find them.  They are mine.  Sometimes I go to the other gardens and bring pebbles to bury in this lawn.  No-one will know!
Oh, and by the way -  when that strange human comes out of the house and scatters bread bits across the lawn, I can bury the bits in the raised beds at the top of the garden.  Clearly I am smarter than the average squirrel.  Now - what shall I do next.......I wonder if any of those flowerpots contain crocus bulbs?

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