Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Progress in the garden

 Having started to move the mound of earth in the middle bed, I have now levelled a path to complete the crazy paving around the back of the pond.  It should not take long to set the paving and finish this part of the job.
 The potatoes are in, with a stick marking the position of each tuber.  This is to stop the cats digging around the bed and to deter badgers from using the bed as a latrine.  This afternoon I caught a squirrel digging up a potato set.  It dropped the tuber back into the hole and ran off before I could get out of the house.  To be fair on the squirrel, I did dig up some peanuts from that point in the garden.
Now that I have cleared the greenhouse, to pots are set ready to take my tomato seedlings.  They are not quite big enough to pot up yet, but they should be in the greenhouse by the end of next week.  I have set a couple of early courgette plants, which I can replace with new seedlings if we have a severe frost.  Looking forward to the summer crop harvest now.

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