Saturday, 3 October 2015

Flight Sim Show 2015

This year, as in recent years, the Flight Sim Show was held at RAF Cosford in Hanger 1.  I had booked a ticket on-line at a discount price and been sent a printed ticket with a bar code entry linked to my name (and one random other, under 16 years of age)
The car parking was tight, even at the start of the day.
I was 20 minutes early and the access queue was quite long, even then.
There was a buzz in the air as so many flight simulator enthusiasts gathered to see the latest innovations and obtain advice and material at discount prices.  Most of the major companies and groups were in  attendance.
Some of the kit on offer was amazing, from simple control columns to complete simulated airliner cabins.
I attended a seminar session on airfield construction, which was very informative.  The team were able to offer personal advice on some of my pressing development problems which I found useful.
The Just Flight development team were there to demonstrate the latest offers in development.  It was a long day for them.
In my complementary show bag, I had a copy of the latest PC Pilot magazine, an Avanti 2 luxury liner to add to my aircraft files and another aircraft, the BAe 146 jetliner - a British built short haul transport.
The scenery also looked better after my visit to the show as I have added photo image scenery to get rid of the Microsoft random scenery that makes visual flying a problem.
All in all, a good day out.

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