Saturday, 31 October 2015


This year has been a very poor year for pumpkins.  My own ones were so poor that they were not worthy of the name.  Fortunately, the local farm has been able to produce some good quality, though small ones.
Choosing a nicely rounded specimen was an issue, but we found one in the end.
Scooping out the seeds and removing some of the flesh is always a challenge with small specimens.  A sharp knife and a spoon works for me.
Having pureed the pumpkin flesh and carved a face on the pumpkin shell we are all set for the Halloween evening.
Pumpkin pie and a tot of toffee vodka is all that is needed to set me up for the evening.  I made some small pumpkin pies this year - just enough for a generous portion each, and sweet and spicy enough to not need any additions.  A spider dish full of sweets and a good show on the telly and that me sorted.


Simone said...

I wish I had that pie and a tot of toffee vodka too! :-)

Pterosaur said...

Sorry - you are too late. It was good.