Tuesday, 10 November 2015


I needed a wellington bomber for my RAF Defford scenery for Flight Simulator X, but was unable to fine a suitable off the shelf example.  This is my attempt to fill the gap.
Using Google Sketch Up, I measured the outline of the model and structured up the engines,
The next process was to draw and colour the wings.  This requires a false fuselage block to set the position of the wing roots and main spars.
The next task was to assemble the fuselage.  Getting the curves right was a bit of a challenge and I needed to take care not to exceed the line count for the compiler.
Tidying up the fuselage was straight forward, the challenge being to construct the undercarriage.
Gun turrets in place and wheels on, the model is ready to be compiled and inserted into the airfield scenery.
Just a quick check to see what it looks like as I taxi an Avro Anson past the wellington bomber on the hanger apron in the background.
As the Anson leaves the end of the runway, it passes over two more Wellingtons on the turn around for the taxiway.  The model could do with a few refinements, but I am satisfied that it works as a scenery model.

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