Saturday, 27 February 2016


The conifer at the front of our house was so big that it was banging on the gutter.  Last year I lopped the top to below the gutter level, but this was not satisfactory as the tree then started to spread outwards.  Last week I removed the house side branches with the intention of felling the whole tree.

Today was the day of the big drop.
I started by removing the upper canopy and stripping the branches from the trunks.  Two smaller trunks were easily sawn off, but the main trunk needed some care.
After assessing the size and position, I made a V cut at an appropriate height to drop the bulk of the trunk to avoid hitting the fence and the plants under the fence.  A guy rope was attached to the tree to help pull it down in the right direction when the saw cut was most of the way through.
Now that is what was supposed to happen.  The cut branches were spread over the sewerage man holes to protect them from the falling trunk and the trunk dropped exactly where I intended.  Nice when it goes well.  I think the stump can be dug out another day.

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