Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thor's Cave

 Yesterday, Rosie and I went for a walk at Wetton Mill, along the old railway track.  Just above the mill cafe is a cave which has a collapsed roof.  During the Stone Age, this would have been a habitable cave.
 As we walked along the path, we could see in the distance, Thor's Cave, high on the cliff side ahead.  This is a very pleasant walk with the sound of bird song to cheer you along the way up the Manifold Valley.
 The climb up to the cave is steep, but it has more recently been made easier with the laying of rough stone flags on the difficult bits.
There is a sense of achievement at reaching the cave mouth.  I notice that on this occasion my legs were aching with the effort.  I can remember not too long ago when this seemed a very simple and easy walk, but age is now making me aware of my limitations.
 From the mouth of Thor's Cave, the cave at Wetton Mill can be seen.  It shines white on a sunny day, but on this occasion it was dull in the haze.
 Entering the cave requires a little agility as the rock slope is steep and there are few foot and hand holds.  Once over the threshold, the walking is easier, but you still need to be mindful of the difficult terrain.  I am always impressed by the colours in the cave, due to rain water seepage and mineral deposits.
The walk back is mainly downhill and there is a cafe at the end of the trail to allow the traveller some rest time before wending their way onwards.

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