Sunday, 15 January 2017

Last of the garden produce

For lunch today I harvested the last 3 leeks from the raised beds.  They ended up in a leek and potato soup, which was excellent on a cold and wet winters day.  This was the last of the garden produce to be harvested.
For dinner, Rosie defrosted the last pack of gooseberries which we put into the freezer last year, intending to use them between Christmas and New Year.  She made a crumble which was yummy.
It is now time to think about planning the next years harvest - I shall probably set some tomato seeds next week.

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Robert said...

A firm favourite in our house. I looked at this post minutes after saying to Susan that when the M&S soups I have stashed in the fridge finish I was going to make leek and potatoe soup. I buy crab bisque and haddock chowder soups because there in no way I am ever going to be able to make in small enough quantities for a couple servings. My sugar and butter free bun loaf has been a great success (I just add a medium egg and milk to the flour with sultanas and glace ginger.