Friday, 13 January 2017


 This morning there was snow on the ground.  About 2 inches had fallen overnight.  The road was pristine white in the early hours and glowing a little yellow under the street lights.
 Around the back we had the same, but looking a little different away from the lights.  This was the first snow fall of the season, and very sparse compared to previous years.
 As the local world awoke, the vehicle tracks appeared in the snow, and the footprints of cats, birds and postmen coloured the paths and lawns
 The bird feeders needed re-charging - as task that would take a little longer today.
 The initial clean up is only intended to make life easier in the short term.  With rising temperatures (+0.5 degrees C) the snow should soon start to melt back.
I have only cleared half of the driveway as we do not intend to use the car today.  A significant freeze is predicted for tonight, so I shall salt the drive.  We have a pack left over from last year.  No point in clearing the drive further as it may snow some more over night.

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Robert said...

We live up a hill, but no snow. Life really ain't fair at times.