Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bread for breakfast

Yesterday I made carrot soup for lunch.  Just before we were going to eat it I took a phone call from a family friend and the bread mix which I was working on was left in the bowl.  We had our usual wholemeal bread with the soup and it was good.

Left with the mix for flat bread this morning, I threw in a few currants and fried it in the pan.  It was a treat for breakfast with a spread of butter and home made blackcurrant jam.

Take a good amount of self raising flour and add a little sugar and mixed spice.  Throw in a few currants and mix to a stiff dough with milk.  Heat some oil in a moderately warm frying pan.  Divide the dough and flatten to less than a centimetre.  Bake in the pan on both sides until firm.  Cool for a few minutes.
This is almost Canadian trail bread or a giant Welsh cake.

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