Sunday, 12 April 2020

Badgers, Cats, Foxes, Insects Away

 Using an old gazibo frame, bits of shelf brackets and pallets and purchasing some good quality horticultural insect net, I started by covering my vegetable cage roof.  Starting low I have sewn the roof cover on to start with.
 Having lifted and braced the structure, on went the side coverings.
 A gap has been left to finally add a net drape to be pegged down around the base for access to the structure.
 A small annexed area has been built out to cover the whole of the long raised bed.
And finally, a double layer net flap has been fixed to the top and left side of the opening, with a tent peg to fix the right side closed.

This structure should be able to exclude the butterflies and moths from laying eggs and discourage the badgers from eating my crops.  Not having to clear cat poo will also be a bonus.  Having considered purchasing a polytunnel and then being locked down for CoViD-19, this option was less than £30 and an easy few days work.  Now I have some gutter sections with compost and seedling in, and a lot of seeds - just need to sow/plant it all out.

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Anonymous said...

The cats are all following a traditional route now - jumping up onto the middle of the long wall and following the netting around the beds until they get to the other side. Cats do not cope easily with change.