Sunday, 3 May 2020

Veg and Flour

Being under lockdown, there has been ample opportunity to tidy up the garden and develop good practive to protect our Summer Veg.
 The seedlings for a variety of crops are growing well in the guttering sections in the greenhouse at present.  Improving weather will mean that they will be planted in the cage soon.
 Over the two largest raised beds is the cage, to protect plants from pests and badgers.  I have also put a net box around my potatoes to stop the badgers and cats disturbing the shoots as they grow on.
 The strawberries of which I have 3 good rows, are flowering well.  There should be lots of fruit if all goes well.
Just by chance, we obtained a slot for a Tesco Delivery (First chance in two months) and I ordered some Strong White Flour for bread making.   No surprise when the order came minus the flour, which was unavailable.  However, Rosie managed to get some Strong Wholemeal Flour, so I thought a double sifting would give me the Strong White that I wanted.
 A 2mm seive was used to remove the course bran in the first sift.  Then I used a 0.75mm seive to remove the fine bran.

What I ended up with is a good amount of flour with some course bran on the left and some fine bran.  Oh Joy, now I can bake the bread I have a desire to eat.  The fine bran could be used to texture home made vegiburgers or sausages and the course bran will probably end up in the compost bin.
We are coping well with this lockdown in many respects.

The wildlife camera captured the grey badger lifting a large earthworm from the lawn overnight.  -Yum!

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