Tuesday, 4 August 2020


We have had a "clouded" free standing Laurel hedge ever since we moved into our house.  The largest Laurel, which must be 50 years old, started to die back.  As most of the effected brances were lower down in the bush we decided to cut out the affected area.
Initially we have cut out the lower branches on one side, leaving a canopy overhang.  Most of the branches could be broken off and broken up using gloved hands.
What we are left with is a bare ground and a few branches that would not fit into the green (its actually brown) wheely bin.
The main trunk is affected by fungus (Oyster Mushrooms) suggesting that it is in very poor health.  All of the additional sprouting trunks are healthy and adding to the canopy cover.  Old laurels often undergo this type of change as the original old tree dies back and new growth emerges from the root system around the tree base.
The whole shrub may be cut down next year and replaced with a shed.

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