Saturday, 1 August 2020

Bread from grain

This year we grew some wheat in the garden.  We harvested it last month and extracted the grain from the chaf.
This month I decided to turn the grain into flour and make bread.  This little mill has a course chopping blad with which to kibble the grain into grist and a fine blade to reduce the grist to flour.

Of course, the whole grain will make wholemeal flour and will need to be either sieved or mixed with strong white flour to give a good quality bake.
The little mill has reduced the grain to wholemeal rough flour in two passes. Now a 50/50 mix with French T55 flour will finish the job.
Kneeded and ready to rise, the dough is a good texture.
And now - the final dough has produced four very good looking rolls. The proof will be in the tasting , later on.

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