Thursday, 16 July 2020

Flying the Tiger

 Today I started my simulated flight with a Tiger Moth parked on the Concourse at IWM Duxford.  The American Museum Hangar can be seen in the background.  This scenery is one that I have just finished designing.  It had some difficult hoops to jump through in the process.
 OK, Start the engine and taxi out to the end of the grass runway.  There is no radio on board so the flight has to be pre-planned with the tower and the local air traffic control.
 Take off and head West into Bedfordshire.
 On route I pass over the old station at RAF Bassingbourne, using this as a landmark.  This station used to be an American Airbase during the second world war and now has a museum.  It was re-opened in 2018 to train UK troops for overseas operations.
 Reduce power and speed. 20 minutes into the flight I can see Old Warden Aerodrome ahead.  This is the home of the Shuttleworth Trust air museum which houses early aircraft and old flying aircraft.
 Turning into approach to land.  The grass runway is short and in this tail dragger, the line of the runway is obscured by the engine. Side boards along the runway help with direction and you can always lean out to see what's ahead (No problem with wind and prop wash leaning out in a simulator).
 Taxi off of the runway and onto the grass parking area.
All parked up, switched of  and tied down and the cafe is just across the hedgerow.  The cafe will be open and welcoming - (no CoViD-19 Pandemic on a simulator).

RAF Duxford is one of my airport models for X-Plane 11, The general scenery is OrbX True Earth and Old Warden Aerodrome is also OrbX scenery.  The tiger moth was  designed by Henkisan and the livery by Frederick Stegmann.  The additional livery with the G-TIGR registration is by Paul Mort with a panel adjustment by me.

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