Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Oh Midge !

Yesterday Morning I gave the side bushes a serious trim, I filled six bags with leaf cuttings in the process. Nice job well done.
This morning I saw a little face poking out of the top of the big bush. This is a dense laurel bush with a lot of fine cross branches, but little Midge, from a neighbours house, had climbed to the top. It appears that he was chasing blackbirds, clearly not realizing how quickly they can move. The old male blackbird had been taunting him to follow and Rosie eventually went out to help the poor cat down. What a dopey cat!


Well blow me down with a feather. Casper, Midge's brother, is sitting up in our neighbour's tree, waiting for the birds to come to the feeder.
Just to seal the deal, the old blackbird is sitting where Midge was photographed an hour earlier, watching Casper at a distance. It's like the script in a soap opera........
Better focus on the camera this time.

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