Saturday, 13 December 2014

Frost and birds

This morning was the first real frost we have had this season.  The air temperature was -0.5 when we ventured out after first light.  All of the bird feeders were covered in frost and a light covering of ice was on the pond.
Having sorted out the feeders, the first to engage was our local boy thrush.  The had been sat on the greenhouse ridge watching me top up the feeders.  It was not long before the blackbirds were arriving and the sparrows followed suit.
We ventured out to Denstone Farm Shop for a Christmas treat to pick up a few select items  On the way back we stopped at Rocester JCB for a walk around the lake.  The Siberian Red Breasted Geese were resting near to the pull in.
Rocester is well known for its Egyptian Geese.  They have a distinctive eye patch and collar.
A couple of years ago we saw an Eider Duck on the lake.  This is a sea duck which is not normally seen inland.  It appears that this lone duck stayed over at JCB, so it must be finding things to eat.  It looks small for an Eider, but very fit.

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